Don’t Swim Here!

It took a while, but Mark Biddle finally saved up enough money to afford that hot tub he’d always wanted. It was his reward for both saving money properly and not smoking for over a year. After all those years putting it off, he was excited to finally hop in his hot tub after a long day at work to relax. For the first few days it was great, but soon after, he started to notice that he was feeling more and more exhausted all the time. He would get painful, lasting headaches and noticed his persistent cough was becoming more and more intense. Mark soon went to the doctor who asked him if there had been any change in his daily routine. When Mark mentioned how much time he had been spending in his new hot tub, the doctor recommended looking at the water in the hot tub for any contaminants while they waited for his own medical test results to come back. In the meantime, he should avoid using his hot tub.

After sending a sample to Nova Biologicals as his doctor suggested, Mark was soon told that trace amounts of a dangerous bacteria, Legionella, were found in his water and that he needed to get in contact with his local health department so they could investigate further. He did so and soon after, his doctor called to inform him he had an early stage of Legionnaire’s disease which could be treated if they acted swiftly. A month after having been treated, Mark recovered fully and he was once again enjoying his hot tub–Legionella free.


For more than 25 years, Nova Biologicals has provided reliable and affordable microbiological testing services for many companies in many different industries e.g. public water systems, medical device manufacturers, schools, research and development organizations, consumers, government agencies, consumer products companies, food, and many more.

Nova Biologicals, Inc. is FDA-Registered as a testing laboratory and certified by numerous national and state agencies as a testing laboratory.

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