Customer Courtesy

Working in customer service wasn’t so bad for Alexa Mendoza. The only complaint she had was how often customers wouldn’t cover their mouths when coughing at her desk. She always wore a mask and kept several bottles of hand sanitizer and disinfectant in her desk for that reason. One day, several customers who seemed to be sick came in at once. Several of them coughed frequently during their meeting without covering their mouths. Alexa made sure to wipe down her entire desk twice after they all left. Later that day she noticed that she had developed a cough and her nose had become very congested, just like the group that had left her office earlier. None of her other coworkers had these problems, and Alexa was sure she knew why. Those customers had gotten her sick, even though she had taken so many precautions.

Over the next few days, the symptoms got worse until she was forced to stay in bed on her day off. Frustrated, she got in touch with Nova Biologicals. She wanted them to check her work area for bacteria and test how effective the disinfectant she had been using actually was. A few days later, she received the results. While the disinfectant cleaned an area well and did effectively deal with some bacteria, it didn’t have a particularly strong effect on eliminating most common viruses. When she recovered a few days later, she decided to try a different brand of disinfectant, after testing it with Nova Biologicals. If she had to work with sick customers again, she wanted to be certain she was taking the right precautions.


For more than 25 years, Nova Biologicals has provided reliable and affordable microbiological testing services for many companies in many different industries e.g. public water systems, medical device manufacturers, schools, research and development organizations, consumers government agencies, consumer products companies, food, and many more.

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