Consulting & Guidance

Not Sure Where To Start?

You’ve come to the right place. Nova Biologicals experts are committed to ensuring your project complies with regulations and arming you with knowledge and confidence throughout the process. Whether you require commercial or household testing, our team can give you project consulting for microbial tests.

Our experts are ready to be your partner throughout the testing process and beyond. These are just a few ways we can guide you.

  • Determine which test you need.
  • Provide guidance and explanations for technical terms, standards and processes.
  • Help reading and understand test results.
  • If you are a business–determine what your project entails to be completely compliant with regulations.
  • For commercial testing–help you take advantage of results towards effective marketing initiatives and business development.

Nova Biologicals is your partner and we are committed to streamlining your microbial testing process.


Commercial Test Consulting

If you and your company’s needs go beyond that of a simple test, Nova has the knowledge, technology, resources and experience to address those needs. If there are any outstanding issues, we are here to make sure they are addressed in a compliant and defensible manner.

Not sure how to accurately collect testing samples? We can do that for you. Short on time and need to prepare for an upcoming FDA inspection? We can help with that as well. The range of consulting services we provide includes everything from implementing a water-testing program to traveling off-site to provide certification for a facility’s clean room.

Just a few of the consulting services we provide include: 

  • Vulnerability assessments and emergency response planning for public water systems.
  • Validation of cleaning and reprocessing procedure for physician-prescribed home electrotherapy devices. For more information, view our medical device testing page.
  • Bacterial and fungal efficacy of cleaning products for housewares hardware, tools, home furnishings, office products and medical products.
  • Biological health hazard testing (BHHT) of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.


Household Test Consulting

There are many reasons you may need to conduct regular household microbial tests. Maybe you are a caregiver needing bacteria testing for a patient or sick loved one. Regardless of your circumstance, we can help guide you.

We have an expert team who can give you professional advice on which types of tests you require. Don’t worry, if technical jargon seems confusing, we will resolve any misunderstandings to guide you towards the right test.


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