What Are Excipients?

Did you know that most medicines, especially those in the form of tablets or capsules, contain various inactive ingredients? These inactive ingredients are called excipients, and they help the active ingredients by ensuring the medicine keeps its shape without breaking down, counteracting negative side effects, or otherwise aiding the ingredients in working the way they were intended. However, occasionally the excipients can cause problems themselves. Some can cause allergic reactions in the people who take them, some can negate the positive effects of the active ingredients, and some can adversely affect children or those with weaker immune systems. As such, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has strict rules regarding what goes into medicine and how it needs to be produced. Sometimes it’s not the ingredients themselves that are the problem, it’s the way they were combined with the other ingredients. Chemicals that are involved in the creation of some of the pills used as medicine can have adverse reactions with other chemicals and can potentially cause detrimental side effects, such as allergic reactions, in people who take them.

Since many of the companies that produce medicine make several different kinds at once, it’s vital that proper sanitation rules are followed. The strict guidelines surrounding how production must be sterile and sanitized ensure that the medicine being given to people isn’t accidentally mixed with trace amounts of hazardous chemicals. Laboratories like Nova Biologicals work with companies to ensure that their products don’t contain things they aren’t supposed to, and testing excipients in medicine is just one example of this. So, the next time you buy medicine, understand what the purpose of those inactive ingredients is and rest assured that several people work hard to ensure you receive the safest and most efficient products possible.


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