Understanding Pharmaceutical Quality Control Testing

Every year, the pharmaceutical industry introduces new medications to the world. It’s essential that these pharmaceutical products are safe for consumer health and that is where quality control testing steps in. If you are in the process of developing a new pharmaceutical, make sure you fully understand the role pharmaceutical quality control testing has in the process of having your product approved.

What is the Role of Quality Control Testing in the Pharmaceutical Industry?

Pharmaceutical quality control testing plays a huge role in the development and production of the creation of new pharmaceutical products including achieving quality assurance, improving public health, and even lowering pharmaceutical costs. [bctt tweet=”Quality control testing is crucial during the product development of a new pharmaceutical. Here’s why.” username=”NovaLabsTX”]

  1. Improve Public Health
  2. Lower Pharmaceutical Costs
  3. Meet Quality Standards and Regulations

1) Improve Public Health

Through rigorous testing of new pharmaceuticals, the safety and effectiveness of products is improved and helps keep the public healthy and safe. Because of medicine’s critical role in the treatment of disease and the maintenance of good health, quality control testing is one of the most important functions in pharmaceutical production.

2) Lower Pharmaceutical Costs

Along with testing, quality control testing also helps in exploring ways to lower the costs associated with the production and development of pharmaceutical drugs. It is important to go through a Current Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) compliance program to learn how to make the process more cost-effective for all involved.

3) Meet Quality Standards and Regulations

Through testing services, such as USP testing and MRSA testing, you can be certain your product meets quality standards and regulations, as well as maintaining the highest purity standards.

ProTip: All pharmaceuticals must go through regulatory standards and meet certain requirements before being allowed on the market.

Pharmaceutical Quality Control Testing

Make sure your new pharmaceutical product meets quality control standards and regulations by going through rigorous testing services. Not only will it help lower your costs and save you time in the production process, but it can help improve public health, too! Be sure to contact an expert who adheres to adherence mandates from GMP, ISO, and the FDA.

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