Pharmaceutical Testing

Every year, the pharmaceutical industry introduces new medications to the world. Nova’s team works diligently to improve public health with testing to determine the safety and effectiveness of compound pharmaceuticals.

Nova also specializes in the USP testing of excipients. These substances, which are found in practically all marketed drugs in both natural and synthetic forms, are used to bulk up formulations or aid in drug absorption. Thousands of different excipients are used in various medicines and, on average, account for about 90 percent of each product. They are considered pharmacologically inert, but still can interact with active ingredients or other excipients. We test the safety of these excipients to verify that they are regulatory compliant.

In addition to testing, Nova is exploring ways to lower the costs associated with the production and development of pharmaceutical drugs. Our Current Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) compliance program is helping to make the process more cost-effective. The program also provides our team with a qualified approach to understanding pharmaceutical microbiological testing.

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(MRSA) Testing

Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus

Microbiological Exam

of Nutritional/Dietary Supplements


Minimal Inhibitory Concentration