New Website Launch for Nova Biologicals!

Nova Biologicals is proud to announce the launch of our freshly redesigned website! Our new site is an exciting part of our ongoing effort to improve our offerings for you, our most valued clients and visitors. Experience Nova online!

About Nova Biologicals

Nova Biologicals provides reliable, affordable microbiological testing services worldwide. For two decades our lab has upheld the highest standards in microbiological testing for disease-causing bacteria, biological pathogens, and toxins. Our carefully chosen team of experts will provide you with microbial testing consultation, guidance, and resources necessary to keep your product free of pathogens and harmful agents.

Get to Know Our New Website

Find everything you need quickly and with ease. Navigating our intuitive layout has never been easier, putting the information and resources you need in your hands when you need them. In addition to a faster, sleeker design, we have also made enhancements in the following areas:

1) Household testing services

Preventing germs and infections in your home begins with household bacterial testing. Let Nova test your water, food, and environment for harmful agents to improve your household sanitation and give you peace of mind. Take a look at the different testing options available for your home.

2) Industry targeted solutions

Nova offers comprehensive microbial testing services for a wide variety of industries such as drinking water, food, medical, environmental and more. Our testing solutions are tailored and optimized for each industry to ensure a safe and sanitary environment for your services.

3) Online project consulting

You may be uncertain which testing services you need or where to even begin. You couldn’t be in better hands. Our experts will guide you through the entire process to ensure your project is in compliance with all regulations and that you have the knowledge you need to be confident in the process. You have access to quality project consulting for microbial testing right on our website.  

Ready to Serve You

Nova Biologicals is committed to providing you with the highest quality comprehensive microbial testing in the market for commercial settings and at home. We are excited to offer our newly redesigned website to better serve all your microbiological testing needs.  Be confident in the sanitation and safety of your environment for work and home life with Nova.

Contact Us to learn more about keeping your water, food, and environment free of harmful pathogens and bacteria.  

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