Are You Safe After a Hurricane?

With hurricane Ida having recently caused a great deal of damage to Louisiana, it should go without saying that natural disasters pose a great threat to regular life. From property damage to possible fatalities, these occurrences can happen suddenly and without warning and leave those affected without power, homes, or accessible water.

Even when damage to buildings seems minimal, the danger posed by things like heavy rain or strong winds can easily lead to problems with local water supplies. For example, rain runoff can cause contamination to water wells and heavy winds can damage water filtration plants. This can lead to water supplies harboring dangerous bacteria, parasites, viruses, and chemicals like Legionella, Giardia, Norovirus, and asbestos.

Factors like these, among many others, can lead to a population not having access to drinkable water while they also suffer from the immediate after effects such as loss of shelter, power, or displacement. In these emergency situations, getting supplies to survivors as soon as possible is a vital step to minimizing damages.

As future hurricanes are always a possibility, especially in September, be sure to stock up on bottled water in addition to food if there are reports of one predicted to hit your area. If a hurricane moves through your area, don’t forget to get your water supply tested source due to the high possibility of contamination that comes with it, especially if you rely on a private well.

For more information on possible water contamination or what to do to prepare for or following a hurricane, be sure to check out the CDC website.


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