What are Superbugs & How You Can Protect Yourself

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), two million people a year become sick from superbugs and over 23,000 of those dies. Superbugs are becoming increasingly more common, but what are they exactly and how can you protect yourself and your loved ones from getting one? [bctt tweet=”Wondering what a superbug is and how to keep your family safe from them? Keep reading to learn all about superbugs, and how you can keep them from harming you.” via=”no”]

What are Superbugs?

A superbug is a bacterial infection that cannot be killed using multiple antibiotics. Another name doctors use for this is “multi-drug resistant bacteria” because superbugs aren’t only resistant to antibiotics, but other treatment drugs, too. Any species of bacteria can turn into a superbug and they should be a concern for everyone.

What Causes Superbugs?

The misuse or overprescribing of antibiotics seems to be the single leading factor for superbugs. When antibiotics are used for things other than bacterial infections, like the flu or viruses, or they are not taken as the doctor prescribed (e.g., stopping taking the antibiotics earlier than the intended course of treatment), they become less effective for future bacterial infections and can possibly acquire resistance genes.

ProTip: To help prevent superbugs, make sure to take antibiotics only when necessary and make sure to complete the intended course.

Protect Yourself From Superbugs

The good news is, you can protect yourself from superbugs. Here are some measures you need to take in order to keep yourself safe:

  • Frequently wash your hands. Practicing good hygiene is one of the top ways to help prevent a superbug.
  • Keep your immune system healthy. Keeping your immune system healthy can help you combat superbugs.
  • Do not take antibiotics unless absolutely necessary. Ask your doctor if they are needed for your particular ailment.
  • Be selective about the meat you eat–many are full of antibiotics! Shop organic or all natural when it comes to buying beef or poultry. You can also have food testing done to test for pathogens.
  • Practice good sanitation at home and work. Have a professional come and conduct microbial testing services so you can be aware of what bacteria is lurking in your surroundings.

Staying Safe from Superbugs

Unfortunately, bacteria are always evolving and becoming stronger, increasing their chances of survival. Be sure to follow the above tips to help keep you healthy and safe from superbugs.

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