How Microbial Testing Can Help Protect Your Business

They are all around us, and it doesn’t matter what time of the year, either. It is bacteria and germs. Your office workers are hacking, coughing, sneezing, and spreading germs and sickness around the office. How can you help protect your business and keep everyone healthy? Microbial testing is the solution.

Protect Your Business

We come into contact with microorganisms every day, and while some are harmless, others can cause contamination to sterile environments or spread illness and disease. Every business can benefit and keep their business healthy and thrive with microbial testing at your workplace. Click To Tweet Here are a few ways microbial testing can help protect your business.

Environmental Tests & Monitoring

Eliminating sub-micron airborne contamination is a process of environmental control. These contaminants are generated by people, processes, facilities, and equipment. Environmental tests look for mold, bacteria, and other unwanted airborne particles, and is an important step in keeping your business germ free by eliminating contaminants.

Clean Drinking Water

You may not realize it, but our water systems can deteriorate over time, causing unhealthy drinking water at your business. Getting microbial water testing can ensure that your water is free from dangerous pathogens, such as E. Coli, hepatitis A, salmonella, Legionella pneumophila, and other harmful bacteria.

Defending Against Disease-Causing Bacteria

Bacteria are everywhere and can be found on copiers, telephones, door handles, and anything else at your business. Microbial testing can help identify these threats and keep your business free from disease-causing contaminants.

Protect Your Business Through Microbial Testing

Conducting microbial tests in the water, food, and environment of your home can provide peace of mind and knowledge of what lurks behind. If you are unsure if you need microbial testing or not–the answer is yes–you do. Everyone can benefit from knowing what bacteria and pathogens are in their working space. And, for those with health concerns or an increased risk of infection, microbial testing is crucial.

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