Contamination in the Classroom!

Excited to be back in a classroom but concerned about flu season, Joanne, a young teacher in her third year at her local middle school, decided to stock up on disinfectant to try to be prepared for when students started getting sick. A few did every year, and when one got sick at their desk, it usually meant other students who used that desk later caught it, too. The year was going well but, once flu season rolled around, she noticed a few students coughing. Deciding to disinfect their desks between classes, Joanne thought she had managed to stop it in its tracks, but as the weeks went on, the number of empty desks in her classrooms grew and grew, even the ones she had tried to clean. Though she wasn’t sick herself, she knew this was a problem and looked for a way to determine how effective her disinfectant was at dealing with the flu.

After contacting Nova Biologicals, she sent in a sample of what she had been using, along with some samples other teachers recommended, and was shocked to find that the kind she used wasn’t having any effect on the bacteria that was causing student illnesses. She told the other teachers about her findings and decided to change the kind of disinfectant she had been using. She was happy to see others doing the same. The results were phenomenal, there were far fewer illnesses.


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