Contaminated Medicine?

Since her sister was in town, Audrey Simpson planned a weekend of fun and relaxation for them both. It went well, but as allergies were starting to really hit at this time of year, she bought a new bottle of nasal spray from a convenience store near her home. Both she and her sister suffered intensely from allergies and were used to sharing medicine growing up, so neither thought much about sharing again. After her sister left, Audrey noticed that she had developed a fever and was frequently dizzy. Audrey called her sister the next day to tell her to be on the lookout for similar symptoms, but her sister was already suffering from the same problems. Noting that it was unlike any of their previous experiences with allergies and how it had started around the time they used the new nasal spray, Audrey sent the spray to Nova Biologicals to be tested.

To her surprise, she learned that the nasal spray was contaminated with the harmful bacteria Burkholderia cepacian and might have infected both her and her sister. After following the advice Audrey received from Nova Biologicals on how to deal with the bacteria, the fever and dizzy flashes faded and the two were back to normal in no time.


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