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Recently, Nova Biologicals published a brief article detailing the dangerous spread of the fungus Candida Auris through hospital environments. To highlight the threat posed by this fungus to patients and healthcare staff alike due to how resistant it is to most preventative measures, Nova Biologicals would like to encourage people to stay safe and keep in mind the following information:

  • Candida Auris is difficult to diagnose due to its similarities to other fungi and contaminants
  • Without proper testing, it is almost impossible to properly identify
  • While currently rare in the United States, it is becoming more common every day
  • Most medicines do not affect it
  • The symptoms of this fungi can range from fevers and chills to bloodstream infections
  • Currently, more than 1 in 3 patients with Candida Auris infections die

While scientists and other medical professionals are still learning more about this fungus, washing your hands and sterilizing rooms inhabited by someone suffering from an infection are both understood as reliable ways to reduce the risk of spreading it.

Although the fungus is still relatively unknown, the efforts to better understand it will lead to more refined techniques when dealing it in the future. If you suspect someone may have become infected with the fungus Candida Auris, contact a medical professional as soon as possible to ensure they have the best chance at overcoming this dangerous growing threat.


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