USP (2021), (2022) Microbial Examination of Nutritional and Dietary Supplements

Nova provides USP testing for neutraceutical, nutritional, and dietary supplements.

USP Microbial Enumeration Tests-Nutritional and Dietary Supplements:
Enumeration of the total number of aerobic bacteria, enumeration of the total number of combined yeast and molds, and the presence of bile-tolerant gram-negative bacteria present in all nutritional supplements, from raw materials to the finished product. Product specifications are outlined in USP but typically are developed by the manufacturer.

USP Microbiological Procedures for Absence of Specified Microorganisms-Nutritional and Dietary Supplements:
Procedure for determining the absence of specified objectionable organisms. Good manufacturing practices require that objectionable organisms be absent from non-sterile nutritional and dietary products. Objectionable organisms are defined as microorganisms that may cause potential health hazards to the user of the product and would adversely affect the product safety. Product specifications are outlined in USP but typically are developed by the manufacturer with guidance from USP.

USP Microbiological Attributes of Non-sterile Nutritional and Dietary Supplements:
Guidance for formulation and process design, facilities, equipment, water and sanitation, supplement components, the frequency of microbiological sampling and testing, recommended microbial limits for botanical ingredients and products, and finally, recommended microbial limits for dietary supplement ingredients and products.

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