Undercooked and Unhealthy!

Isabella had three kids, was happily married, and knew all too well how picky everyone in her family could be. It was hard to come up with a dinner idea that they would all eat. The only food they all liked was chicken, so Isabella made that often. One day, her husband came home from work early and volunteered to cook for the family. Isabella was more than happy to let him take over for once, but she was worried that he didn’t have much experience cooking. Nevertheless, she enjoyed a tasty dinner of unseasoned chicken and instant potatoes and was glad for the break. A few days later, she felt painful cramps and found herself running to the restroom often. Worse, her whole family was doing the same.

Isabella had a sinking feeling that she knew what was causing her family’s shared sickness and sent a sample of the leftovers from that dinner to Nova Biologicals to be sure. When she got the results back, she learned that the chicken had been infected with Campylobacter, a strain of bacteria that can cause several stomach related problems and is easily carried by uncooked poultry. Thankfully, the symptoms didn’t last more than a few days and the family soon recovered. Isabella was grateful that her husband had wanted to cook dinner for them, but she told him that next time she would double check that everything was actually cooked.


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