Straight from the Garden

Margaret didn’t have a green thumb, but several of her friends told her it was a good idea to start a garden. She had them help her here and there, until it was time to harvest some to eat. She ended up making a delicious lunch using what she had grown to thank her friends for all of their help. However, the next day, one of her friends called and canceled their plans to hangout. Her stomach had been upset all morning and she didn’t think she could make it. Margaret understood and wished her friend well before going to tell the others. When she did, she was surprised to hear that two of her other friends also had to cancel for similar reasons. Margaret started to worry that it might have been some of the vegetables from her garden so she sent some in to Nova Biologicals for testing. She was almost positive that couldn’t be the case though, as she had been sure to wash it first.

When she got the results back, they confirmed her fears. The vegetables had tested positive for Listeria. When Margaret tried to explain how she had washed them beforehand, she was told that just rinsing doesn’t eliminate Listeria. Embarrassed, Margaret called her friends and explained the situation. From then on, she made sure to cook all of her garden vegetables before serving them.


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