Mold in the Air

Maria Garcia’s grandfather had been living with her for a while since she didn’t want to put him into a retirement home. It was nice being able to keep the family together, but she had to install a window air conditioner in his room because of how hot it could get in the Summer months. It helped for a few months, but then he started to get sick for seemingly no reason. He stayed in bed most days so she finally took him to the hospital. The doctor said he had come down with pneumonia, but she had no idea how he could have caught it. When she returned home, she noticed the air conditioner in his room had been dripping inside his window. Looking closer, she discovered that the water had been pooling on the windowsill and mold had started to form behind the curtains.

Wanting to know if this could be the cause, she sent a sample of it to Nova for testing and quickly learned that it was the fungus, Acremonium, and that it could have been the source of his illness. She quickly informed his doctor and went about cleaning the air conditioner so her grandfather could return safely. After he recovered, she made sure to keep an eye on that air conditioner and clean it regularly. Since then, he hasn’t had an issue and is living happily and healthily with his family.


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