Is Raw Food Safe for Pets?

Dogs and cats both have long histories of living with and helping human beings around the world. Whether that be by leading hunters on the trail of an injured animal or by disposing of vermin that carry disease, it’s hard to deny that our interactions with these animals have led us to solving problems we struggled with on our own. In the present day, most people don’t keep pets because they provide a service, but instead because they enjoy raising animals. Even animals like snakes, spiders, or iguanas are kept as pets. There truly is no way to imagine what the world would be like if humans hadn’t started keeping pets.

However, a common misconception among new pet owners is that pets can eat anything, especially our scraps. While it isn’t dangerous to feed your pet your leftovers every now and then, raw food is another story. Although wild animals often eat other animals, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t affected by bacteria, and some can cause severe health problems. Salmonella, Listeria, and various other bacterial infections can occur just as easily in your pet as it occurs in you, and raw meat is especially risky to give for this reason.

Store bought pet food is usually a much safer alternative, though there have even been outbreaks of infections in pets caused by contamination during production. Because of this, health organizations monitor these products closely to best prevent this possibility, and microbiological testing is employed to ensure a consistent standard of sanitation is upheld by these pet food providers. So, when you consider feeding raw food to a pet, remember that a much safer alternative can be found in grocery stores everywhere.


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