Don’t Blame the Dog!

Terry Jeffers was a fan of dogs and had kept several as pets throughout his life. His girlfriend wasn’t, but she didn’t mind his current dog. However, she was concerned about fleas. Terry reassured her that it wasn’t an issue as he used flea-killing carpet powder along with flea collars and medicine. She was glad to hear this, but sometimes after visiting his home she would start to suffer some sort of allergic reaction. She would develop a bad cough and often found it hard to breathe in his home. Later, she told him how she used to suffer from asthma, but wasn’t normally affected by it and wasn’t sure why this was happening. At first, Terry thought it was the dog she was allergic to, but she was fine when she visited again a few days later.

That’s when Terry realized it might not have been the dog causing the reaction, but the carpet powder. It claimed to disperse within a few hours, but he noticed her symptoms always happened after he treated his carpet. He got in touch with Nova Biologicals to see if any particles of the powder remained in the air a few days after he used it, and they confirmed that there was a large amount of it still floating around. Knowing this, Terry switched to a different kind of flea treatment, a spray as opposed to the powder, and since then his girlfriend hadn’t had any problems breathing in his home.


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