Carpet Contamination

After a terrible storm flooded the front of his house overnight, Steven Sanderson spent the next morning drying carpet and cleaning up the mess. It took a few hours, but things eventually looked back to normal. He had gone through two towels, three rags, and an entire roll of paper towels, but the job was done. However, he could still smell the faint scent of mildew whenever he went out the door. He ignored it at first, but when it grew stronger to the point that he sometimes had trouble breathing, he knew he had to look into it. He called Nova Biologicals and asked if they could run an air quality test to see what was contaminating his home. They agreed, and soon they visited to take some samples.

After confirming that there were mold spores in his home, they called and informed him of their findings, suggesting he look around the area for any places mold could be hiding. When he told them he already had, they asked if he had checked under the carpet. Sure enough, when he removed a section near the door, he saw a large colony of mold. Shocked, he called back and asked if they knew of any way to treat mold and they referred him to a professional who quickly came over and dealt with the mold. He had to buy new carpeting, but he was able to breathe normally from then on.


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