4 Ways Bacteria Improves Our Lives

Everyone knows that bacteria are everywhere, but did you know that bacteria is improving human life every minute of every day? Bacteria isn’t always bad. Scientists across many industries have found ways to make bacteria work for us in a positive way–helping us all live healthier and longer lives. [bctt tweet=”Not all bacteria are bad. Here are 4 ways bacteria is making a positive impact and improving our lives every day.” via=”no”]

How Humans Use Bacteria to Improve Life

Many people think germs are bad and something we need to sanitize and get rid of. Not all bacteria are bad and here are four ways bacteria helps improve our lives every day:

  1. Healthcare Industry
  2. Personal Health
  3. Agritech and the Environment
  4. Other Industries

1) Healthcare Industry

Our healthcare industry uses bacteria all the time in order to help improve human life. Not only does it use bacteria to produce antibiotics, but also other important proteins like insulin. Scientists are currently working on using bacteria as a diagnostic tool for cancer, diabetes, Crohn’s, and other diseases.

2) Personal Health

Your body is made up of trillions of bacteria. These play a large role in your overall health and well-being. They not only extract energy from your food, but they also play a part in balancing your digestions, beating belly fat, boosting the immune system, lowering cholesterol, and preventing yeast infections.

3) Agritech and Environment

You might not realize it, but bacteria is used in many agricultural and environmental industries. Most significantly, bacteria is used to help clean up oil spills, nuclear waste, and is also able to detect pollution and break down sewage.

4) Other Industries

Bacteria are used in more industries than you can imagine. It is used in scientific work, testing and making changes to DNA molecules, and stopping desertification.

ProTip: Bacteria are improving our lives in many ways. Scientists have recently been using bacteria, like E. Coli, for creating biofuel, as well as storing data on hard drives.

How Bacteria Impacts Our World and Improves Life

As mentioned, not all bacteria are created equal. While some bacteria can cause illness and even death, some bacteria are helping us live longer and keeping us healthy and safe. If you are wondering what type of bacteria are lurking in your home and if they are good bacteria or bad, consider household microbial testing to find your answer.

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