Healthcare Facilities

Microbial Testing For Healthcare Facilities

Due to the number of sick people confined in one place, healthcare facilities are at high risk for spreading dangerous diseases. Whether you’re a doctor facing the front line of these microbes or behind the scenes in a laboratory, sterilization and decontamination are an essential means of both prevention and maintenance.

The first step towards a germ-free environment is by testing your healthcare facility for bacteria levels. Protect your staff, patients and visitors from every level of infection including lipid viruses and harmful bacterial spores.


Microbial Testing Services

The first line of defense against hospital-acquired and community-acquired infections is through microbial testing for healthcare facilities. Our expert team can provide guidance, planning and consulting services for the following healthcare facilities.

  • Hospitals
  • Emergency rooms
  • Outpatient facilities
  • Surgery centers
  • Doctor offices and private practice
  • Health providers
  • Medical support
  • Laboratories
  • Blood processing facilities
  • Tissue banks


Reducing Infections With Microbial Testing

Hospitals, doctor offices, labs and other healthcare facilities are prime places for disease-causing bacteria to grow and thrive. Keep your staff and patients safe by partnering with Nova Biologicals. Our expert team will give you the guidance required for successful test results. Contact us to learn more about how our testing services can help reduce infections in your healthcare facility.


Environmental Microbiology

Bacteria, Molds, Yeast

Standard Microbiology Methods

For the Examination of
Water and Wastewater

Other Environmental

(Air, Water, Mold etc)
*Microbiology Tests Available Upon Request

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