GLP Studies

Nova specializes in GLP Testing, GLP Protocol Development, GLP Documentation, and GLP Reporting. Let Nova help you with your next FDA or EPA submission.

Nova’s Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) services are a custom quality system in which we plan, perform, monitor, record, archive and report your product’s testing for submission to the FDA and or EPA.

Nova’s FDA GLP studies include in vivo or in vitro experiments in which test articles are examined to obtain data on its properties and/or its safety, and are intended for submission to appropriate regulatory authorities.

Nova’s most recent GLP Studies include:

  • Medical Device Cleaning Validation
  • Minimal Inhibitory Concentrations
  • AOAC Use Dilution Testing for Disinfectants
  • Virucidal Testing
  • Tuberculocidal Testing
  • High-Level Disinfectant Studies
  • Bacteria Removal from Surfaces Studies
  • Medical Device Disinfectant Validation
  • Disinfectant Efficacy
  • AOAC Germicidal Spray Products
  • Antimicrobial Efficacy
  • Radiopharmaceutical Testing
  • Antibiotic Resistance Studies
  • Virus Removal from Surfaces Studies
  • Medical Device Sterilization Validation
  • DIS/TSS EPA Disinfectant Testing
  • AOAC Fungicidal Activity of Disinfectants
  • Cytotoxicity
  • Liquid and Chemical Sterilant Studies
  • Antibiotic Potency
  • Fungus Removal from Surfaces Studies

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