Salmonella in Milk?

After a long day working as an elementary school teacher, Cassie Davis stopped by her local grocery store to pick up some milk. Her family had recently gone through the last gallon they had bought, and she needed some in order to make a cake later. She bought a half-gallon of reduced fate milk and headed home, happy to be able to relax in her own home.

That night, she drank a glass of the milk and went to bed. The next morning, Cassie felt terrible. She was suffering from painful cramps and diarrhea, and had recurring waves of nausea for hours. Worries that it may have been the milk, and that her children may have drunk some, she checked to see if it had spoiled. It had not, but she still didn’t feel safe drinking any more.

Instead, she quickly reached out to Nova Biologicals in order to test whether the milk had been contaminated with anything. After waiting for a day to get the results back, suffering from the same symptoms all the while, she was shocked to hear from the test results that the milk was contaminated with Salmonella.

Worried about others drinking the same contaminated products, she threw her milk away and reached out to that same grocery store to warn them of what she had learned. Because of her quick thinking, Cassie may have prevented several others from getting sick as she had. If young children had drunk these products, the results could have been much worse than an upset stomach.

Are you concerned that a product you have recently bought might be contaminated? Be sure to reach out to Nova Biologicals, or any other local microbiological testing facility, to find out for sure.


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