Fountain Fiasco!

Raising four kids at once by yourself is hard, and few people understand that as well as Martin Robinson. With two preteens, a seven-year-old, and a toddler, keeping an eye on all of them sometimes felt impossible. Once, he had taken all four to a nearby park to spend the afternoon when his oldest two got in a fight. It wasn’t serious, but it did require him to get in the middle of it and take his eye off his seven-year-old for a moment. In that moment, she had actually climbed into the old park fountain and was drinking the dirty fountain water! He stopped her as soon as he saw what was happening and the five of them returned home immediately after. Martin grounded all three of them, but his seven-year-old said she had a stomach ache later that night. He assumed it was from the fountain water since none of his other kids were sick.

He sent a sample of the fountain water to Nova Biologicals while he nursed her back to health and learned that she most likely was infected with legionella pneumophila, a bacterium that can cause the deadly Legionnaire’s disease. Knowing how serious this could be, Martin immediately took her to the hospital. Thankfully, she only had the lesser “Pontiac Fever,” which while still dangerous, was well within the hospital’s ability to deal with. After a few days, she was back to normal and had learned a valuable lesson about not drinking from sources that aren’t clean.


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