Cryptosporidium Catastrophe

After moving into a new house, Anne noticed a problem with her cat. It seemed as though it was sick and tired most of the day. It wouldn’t eat its food, it didn’t play like it used to, and it seemed like it was constantly suffering from diarrhea. She wasn’t sure why this was happening as she hadn’t changed its food brand or done anything differently that could have caused it. After two weeks of this happening, Anne noticed that her cat looked thinner than usual and knew she couldn’t ignore it anymore. She took her cat to the vet to get their opinion on what could be going on. After a few tests, the vet confirmed that the cat had been infected by the parasite, Cryptosporidium. Since Anne wasn’t suffering from the same symptoms, the vet believed that the cat had acquired the parasite somewhere outside of her home.

Anne was instructed to get in contact with Nova Biologicals to look into testing any water sources in her area that her cat may have drunk from while it was outside. She let her cat play outside just to see where it went, and Anne noticed it eventually went to drink from a small pond near her home. Anne sent a sample of the water to Nova for testing and was quickly informed that it was riddled with Cryptosporidium. She decided to keep her cat inside and only let it out when she was watching so she could ensure it wouldn’t drink from the pond anymore. With some antibiotics from the vet, her cat was back to her healthy and playful self in less than a week.


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