Contamination Behind Bars

Jason Martinez worked as a prison guard for most of his adult life. When he noticed that several inmates seemed to be getting sick with the same symptoms, he knew he needed to know the cause before it spread further. He informed the warden and later noticed that it seemed to happen to inmates from one particular cell block. They all suffered from what seemed to be an allergic reaction to something, but no one knew what. They had bloodshot eyes, sore throats, and most had trouble breathing. The inmates were kept in a separate facility while they recovered and Jason eventually had the idea to check the quality of the air. He had a friend who had had a similar problem before and only found out after contacting Nova Biologicals.  Jason explained this to the warden and was given permission to do the same.

The next day, specialists from Nova Biologicals came and collected air samples from the area. They confirmed there were high amounts of mold spores in the air. Jason and the other guards searched each of the cells for mold, but found nothing. On a hunch, he opened one of the vents and saw that the inside was lined wall to wall with mold. The air from the vents had been blowing moldy air into the entire cell block! After a few days of disinfecting and sanitation, the inmates were allowed to return to their cells and had almost completely recovered. From then on, Jason made sure to keep a close eye on the environment the inmates had to live in and the issue hasn’t repeated since.


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