Can This Product Combat COVID-19?

Due to the current situation regarding COVID-19, several companies are attempting to create products that can combat the spread of the virus. These range from specialized disinfectants to lightbulbs intended to inhibit its growth, but they still must follow EPA approval processes before they can be sold safely. This prevents potentially harmful products from being sold and risking the health of others.

As the pandemic has gone on, more and more producers have looked to create products that can, or at least claim to, eradicate the coronavirus. While this is a step in the right direction, these processes must be overseen very carefully in order to avoid ineffective or dangerous products being sold to an already concerned population.

The EPA is only one such organization attempting to monitor the safety of new products, but these organizations require the aid of consumers to ensure unapproved products aren’t being sold until they are proven to be effective and safe. Be sure to check the label on any product claiming to combat the coronavirus for the EPAs seal of approval before buying it.


If you are interested in learning which products the EPA has approved for combatting COVID-19, be sure to check out this website.



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