Be Careful with Your Caregiver!

Guillermo Hernandez’s elderly grandfather hadn’t been able to fully take care of himself for some time. For the past few months, Guillermo had been looking after him himself, but couldn’t keep doing so as his job required him to leave often for long periods of time. Luckily, he was able to hire a caretaker, Amy, to take over when he had to be away for business. She didn’t charge very much and would be able to get there quickly during weekdays. The first few days of this arrangement went well. Guillermo showed Amy locations around town that would be important when looking after his grandfather, such as the hospital and his pharmacy, and his grandfather enjoyed having someone around the house to talk to. But, when his grandfather started showing signs of sickness, Guillermo started to worry. Amy didn’t know what could have been causing it, so after the hospital put his grandfather on a two-week waiting list, Guillermo got in contact with Nova Biologicals to run some tests on the air in his home and a water bottle from which his grandfather had drunk.

The air samples came back clean, but the water sample tested positive for E. coli. He had received the water bottle from Amy who had brought it from her home. When Amy was told of the test results, she apologized and immediately reached out to Nova about her own water supply. Soon after, she was able to locate the cause of the bacteria in her home and safely resumed care of Guillermo’s grandfather without any further complications.


For more than 25 years, Nova Biologicals has provided reliable and affordable microbiological testing services for many companies in many different industries e.g. public water systems, medical device manufacturers, schools, research and development organizations, consumers government agencies, consumer products companies, food, and many more.

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