Processing Plant Pollution

Jenna Thompson lived on the same street she had grown up on. Her family owned the surrounding land and they shared a private well with a few others living nearby. It was a fine well, but some people living there started to grow concerned when construction began the year before for a plastic processing plant nearby. They were worried about the effect pollution could have on the area, but decided to wait and see. It was finally finished a month ago and there wasn’t any noticeable change to the area. However, Jenna had heard about plants like this one accidentally polluting water sources with industrial waste. She got in touch with Nova Biologicals to test the well water just to be safe and was shocked when they confirmed that a high level of arsenic had been detected.

They told her that she would need to inform her local health department and that for the time being no one should drink the well water. She immediately informed her family and neighbors before calling the health department. They contacted the plant and the plant owners agreed to be more careful about the amount of pollution they created and worked to help purify the well water they had tainted. It took time and effort, but soon the well water was back to normal and safer procedures were used to ensure it didn’t happen again.


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