Bacteria Testing For Caregivers

As a caregiver you’re probably aware of the high risk of infection that your patients pose due to a compromised immune system, healthcare-acquired infection or other cause. You need to provide a clean environment for your patients to ensure their health isn’t further diminished.

Whether you’re caring for an elderly patient or a sick loved one, their healthcare needs are most likely complex while also requiring detailed decontamination methods. The first line of defense against dangerous disease-causing bacteria is through microbial testing services.

Help reduce the spread of infection by partnering with Nova Biologicals for all of your tests. Need more direction? Get expert guidance and project consulting for microbial tests.


Partner With Nova

We know the dangerous threat your patients or loved ones face with disease-causing bacteria and viruses. By partnering with Nova Biologicals, you have access to our expert team for consulting and guidance with your testing requirements. For over two decades we have provided simple solutions, let us do the same for you. Contact us to learn more about our bacteria testing for caregivers.


Environmental Microbiology

Bacteria, Molds, Yeast

Standard Microbiology Methods

For the Examination of
Water and Wastewater

Other Environmental

(Air, Water, Mold etc)
*Microbiology Tests Available Upon Request

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