ASTM Testing

Disinfectant Efficacy for the Medical Device Industry

ASTM E1837 – 96(2007) Standard Test Method to Determine Efficacy of Disinfection Processes for Reusable Medical Devices (Simulated Use Test)

ASTM E2314 – 03(2008) Standard Test Method for Determination of Effectiveness of Cleaning Processes for Reusable Medical Instruments Using a Microbiologic Method (Simulated Use Test)

ASTM F1992 – 99(2007) Standard Practice for Reprocessing of Reusable, Heat Stable Endoscopic Accessory Instruments (EAI) Used with Flexible Endoscopes

Disinfectant Efficacy for Cleanrooms

ASTM E2614 – 08 Standard Guide for Evaluation of Cleanroom Disinfectants

Disinfectant Efficacy Testing of Treated Fabrics, Fibers, and Textiles

ASTM E2149 – 10 Standard Test Method for Determining the Antimicrobial Activity of Immobilized Antimicrobial Agents Under Dynamic Contact Conditions

Disinfectant Efficacy Testing Against Viruses (Virucidal Testing)

ASTM E1053 – 11 Standard Test Method to Assess Virucidal Activity of Chemicals Intended for Disinfection of Inanimate, Nonporous Environmental Surfaces

Disinfectant Efficacy Testing Against Spore Forming Bacteria (Sporicidal Testing)

ASTM E2414 – 05 Standard Test Method for Quantitative Sporicidal Three-Step Method (TSM) to Determine Sporicidal Efficacy of Liquids, Liquid Sprays, and Vapor or Gases on Contaminated Carrier Surfaces

Hard Surface Disinfectant Efficacy Testing

ASTM E2362 – 09 Standard Practice for Evaluation of Pre-saturated or Impregnated Towelettes for Hard Surface Disinfection

Disinfectant Efficacy in Water

ASTM D6734 – 01(2009) Standard Test Method for Low Levels of Coliphages in Water

Disinfectant Efficacy of Liquid Chemical Germicides

ASTM E2197 – 11 Standard Quantitative Disk Carrier Test Method for Determining the Bactericidal, Virucidal, Fungicidal, Mycobactericidal and Sporicidal Activities of Liquid Chemical Germicides

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