Cruise Ship Contamination!

While cruises are a great vacation idea, Edward Sanchez knew better than most that they could also be a hotbed of disease and contamination. Because of the close quarters, it was often difficult to prevent sickness from spreading among passengers once an outbreak began. As such, it was important to clean and sanitize rooms before letting new passengers aboard. As part of his job, Edward oversaw the hygiene of the ship and made certain that each room received the proper cleaning that it needed. He was told that one passenger had come down with some kind of food poisoning that left them unable to leave their cabin for most of the trip. After they left the ship, he reached out to Nova Biologicals to test the sick passenger’s cabin for signs of what could have caused the infection. They found several surfaces throughout the room that were contaminated with E. coli. The bed, the doorknob, and the bedside table all tested positive for it and there were still others that weren’t checked.

Edward was worried about the contamination spreading to other passengers during the trip, but there was no way of being sure of that. A few others had reported being sick, but when asked they chalked it up to sea sickness or food allergies. There was no way to confirm which cabins were contaminated short of testing each one, so Edward had his cleaning staff use special disinfectant designed to counter bacteria like E. coli in addition to the normal disinfectants they typically used. Soon after, they took more samples and found no trace of the dangerous bacteria.


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