Antimicrobial Testing

Antimicrobial Testing Services

Antimicrobials are agents that kill certain microorganisms. They are commonly known for their use in antibiotics or household products such as antibacterial, antifungal or antiviral disinfectants.

Nova Biologicals can help you evaluate the effectiveness of these products against bacteria, molds and viruses by utilizing select AOAC, ASTM, CLIS, USP, and ISO methods.

Whether you are a business or household needing to test for the effectiveness of antimicrobial products, we have an expert team who can give you simple solutions.



Staying Informed

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, antibiotics are so widely used that infectious organisms have adapted to them, making drugs less effective.

As one of the first independent laboratories to receive NARSA approval, Nova Biologicals can access the central repository of isolates for investigative studies and stay informed about the latest developments. This knowledge helps us better assist clients with providing products and services that fight the emergence of new disease-causing microorganisms in healthcare facilities and households.


Antimicrobial Testing at Nova

Nova Biologicals can help with all of your antimicrobial testing needs. From project consulting for microbial tests to meeting quality standards and regulations, we can keep your business compliant and maintain purity. If need household antimicrobial testing services or want more information, Contact us today.


Types of Tests

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