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As viruses, bacteria, and mold grow and change over time, becoming harder to predict and detect, the methods used to deal with them must do the same. Luckily, with advancements in technology and science being made every day, there’s no need to worry that we’ll be left behind. New ways of identifying and dealing with dangerous germs are being put into practice by labs like Nova Biologicals all the time. For example, Nova Biologicals just received a new piece of equipment that allows them to perform a higher quality air test than ever before. Now, new types of testing are available to counteract the devious ways contaminants hide just out of sight in our air. With those new tests come new standards, greater expectations, and even more careful procedures to keep results accurate and efficient. In addition, each advancement comes with precise rules to ensure the safety and understanding of the people using it, and Nova Biologicals follows these rules and procedures to the letter.

Nova understands that new technology can be extremely important but, without proper regulation and usage, it won’t have a strong effect. So, the next time you hear about a virus mutating or a new type of deadly bacteria being discovered, rest assured that experts are already developing new techniques and machinery to effectively handle the situation.


For more than 25 years, Nova Biologicals has provided reliable and affordable microbiological testing services for many companies in many different industries e.g. public water systems, medical device manufacturers, schools, research and development organizations, consumers government agencies, consumer products companies, food, and many more.

Nova Biologicals, Inc. is FDA-Registered as a testing laboratory and certified by numerous national and state agencies as a testing laboratory.

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