Invisible Invaders

Did you know there were billions of invisible living microorganisms all around us? Bacteria, viruses, mold spores, yeast, and more that are so small they are impossible to see with the naked eye. However, they fill the air and hide on surfaces in every room in your house. In fact, your skin is covered in bacteria that stick to you after being picked up from either touching a surface they were on or walking near them in the air. Some aren’t harmful, but others can easily make you sick and use you to spread to others. Several of the airborne ones are particularly dangerous for people with breathing problems and can often lead to pneumonia or worse. Even your fridge is not safe and food that is contaminated by mold or bacteria can quickly lead to the contamination of other food items if not dealt with quickly. Although some molds aren’t life threatening, several can lead to complications with breathing or allergic reactions.

Because of how easy it is for these dangerous contaminants to enter your home or workplace, it’s important to be aware of how to deal with them. Get in touch with an environmental testing lab like Nova Biologicals for more information on what kinds of invisible invaders are hiding all around you and what you can do to stay safe from them.


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