About Us

About Nova Biologicals

For more than two decades Nova Biologicals has provided reliable and affordable microbiological testing services across the globe. To ensure that your product results meet the highest standards, we maintain superior attention to detail during testing processes.

We are your comprehensive microbiological testing lab for the presence of disease-causing bacteria, biological pathogens and toxins. We ensure microbial testing quality standards and adhere to assurance mandates from GMP, ISO and FDA.

Our expert team can provide project consulting for microbial tests, guidance and resources needed to ensure that your product is free of pathogens and infectious agents.

Woman doing microbiological testing in lab, Nova Biologicals

Who We Are

With over 40 years of experience, our microbiologists and medical technicians have the expertise to ensure every project receives the highest quality of work. It’s our goal to exceed every client’s expectation and to provide the best results possible.


As experts in microbiological testing, we’re committed to providing the best solutions for our clients. Learn more about our research methods by taking a look at one of our recent publications, video interviews, or case studies.

Test Consulting

We’re proud to offer an in-depth analysis of the products in your environment. Whether it’s medical devices, pharmaceuticals, drinking water, or food processing, our test consultants are committed to providing thorough and reliable recommendations.
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