Water Testing

As Texas’ largest independent drinking water testing laboratory, Nova Biologicals has years of experience testing and confirming water safety. Our most important safety concern is keeping water free from organisms that cause disease, namely coliform bacteria, parasites and viruses. Coliform testing is required by law (Safe Drinking Water Act) and is routinely performed on all public drinking water systems. In Texas alone, there are more than 500,000 coliform tests performed each year.

Nova also tests for chemicals that can contaminate drinking water and have detrimental health effects. These include lead, copper, iron and radionuclides. Once water is known to be safe, it should be aesthetically pleasing, i.e. clear, odor-free and pleasant tasting. For more information about drinking water standards, potential health effects and possible sources of contamination, contact us or visit the Environmental Protection Agency.

In addition to testing drinking water, Nova performs residential and commercial testing on non-potable water such as lakes, rivers, ponds, runoff water and wastewater. Talk to an expert today for more information on how our testing services can help you.